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Welcome to Hybrid Optics

We are specialized in the field of Optical Telecommunication and Photonics. We deliver the industry’s widest range of optical expertise and technology, covering everything from fiber optic cables, premises, OSP, fiber connectivity & accessories, to optical test equipment’s.

Since 2003, Hybrid Optics has obtained a large expertise in both single and mass ribbon fusion splicing, SOC – (splice-on-connector) & epoxy connectors termination as well as fiber networks Test & Measurement.

Hybrid Optics is able to help you as a consultant/integrator locally or internationally. Furthermore, our specialists can also assist you in your installation if necessary.

Over the past fifteen years, Hybrid Optics has been a leader in fiber optics manufacturing representation for fiber optic cable (OSP & IFC) as well as an integrator in fusion splicing, Hot-melt/epoxy connectors termination and fiber optics networks test/characterization with many customers in the province of Quebec.

 Our mission!

Assisting all enterprises to achieve their fiber optics installations objectives. In a complex business world, Hybrid Optics will propose modular solutions who are evolving with customer growth increase and technological progress.